For Halloween: The Scariest Organ Music Ever (video)

The Scariest Organ Music Ever

If you enjoy organs and don’t known Schlafes Bruder (1995), I recommend you watch it on a big home theatre with good deep bass. This little excerpt is not the scariest organ music in the film, but it gives you an idea of what the story is about. The music is by Norbert Jürgen Schneider. The Toccata is available from Schott. Here is a video of Christoph Bull playing the full Toccata.

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No “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

Chelsea Chen’s Organ Success

Here is a nice article on Chelsea Chen’s current activities which are indeed active.

Chelsea Chen, 30, began serving as artist-in-residence at Coral Ridge Presbyterian in Fort Lauderdale earlier this year, while also having similar duties at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, her home base. “There’s a lot of that back and forth,” says Chen, who stays with church friends when in Florida. “I’m lucky I have nice people down here.”

While she says part of her job is caring for the massive 6,600-pipe organ at Coral Ridge Presbyterian, her concert Sunday will be held at First Presbyterian Church. She says she is flying down Thursday to get accustomed to their organ.

According to the article, we should not expect “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” I think I know what is meant, but perhaps I should publish a demanding and exciting theme and variations for it that she might play in the future! <G>

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Virgil Fox Still Remembered in United Kingdom

“Greetings from London! The Fox mugs arrived today intact. Many thanks. Regards and best wishes” —United Kingdom

From “Great American Organists Series One,” the Virgil Fox Coffee Mug


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Restoration of the Hagerbeer/Schnitger in Alkmaar

Restoration of the Hagerbeer/Schnitger in Alkmaar

If you have not been following the progress of this great Schnitger’s restoration efforts, perhaps because the web posting is only in Dutch, here’s your chance.

The world famous VanHagerbeer / Schnitger organ in the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar is restored. In early 2015, the work is expected to be completed and can be heard are sounds again. The beautiful instrument in this blog by Jan Zwart is from a board member of the Alkmaar Foundation Friends of the Organ, for the readers of Organ News report on the progress of the restoration. He is assisted by Pieter van Dijk (city organist) and Frank van Wijk and Erik Winkel, deputy director of Flentrop Orgelbouw.

On Monday, 22 September, Pieter van Dijk and Frank van Wijk had an appointment with Erik Shop in the pipe of Flentrop Orgelbouw. Frank van Wijk reports ….

Here’s a link to read about it in English:

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Disney’s Rosales & Glatter-Götz Organ Is 10 Years Old

LA Phil Celebrates 10th Year of Pipe Organ

This is a nice way to celebrate an anniversary — and attract some fresh ears to see and hear a striking instrument.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is marking a very big birthday — its custom-made organ turns 10 this year. To celebrate, the Los Angeles Philharmonic created a concert series aimed at teaching kids about the prized instrument. “It’s really about getting kids to fall in love with music,” said Gretchen Nielsen, who leads the LA Phil’s education programming. “We have this belief that there’s a way of shaping experiences and music and learning across all spectrum of people.”

The concert, called “The Organ: Stops, Keys, Pedals and Pipes,” is part of the Toyota Symphonies for Youth series for kids age 5 to 11. It’s one of several events for all ages presented this year to celebrate the organ’s 10th year.

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Clark Wilson at the Ohio Theatre Robert Morton (video)

Films Shine with Organist on Historic Organ

Here is a fun video from Clark Wilson at the Robert Morton in the Ohio Theatre in Columbus, Ohio. This is a good one to share with your non-organist friends.

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19th Festival in Polotsk: Bells of St Sophia Cathedral

Diverse Program for Organ Festival in Polotsk

I am always fascinated by the many organ festivals throughout Europe. This one in Poland caught my attention because one of the organists, Felician Rosca, is from Timisuara, Romania. I actually got to visit there back in 1974! (This was before the earthquake that greatly damaged Bucharest in Romania.)

The 19th International Festival of Organ Music “Bells of St. Sophia Cathedral” will offer a diverse selection of music acts this year, BelTA learned the National Polotsk History and Cultural Museum-Reserve. The line-up will include musicians from Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Russia and Belarus. this year the festival is stretched in time: the first concert was held in the ancient St. Sophia Cathedral on 12 October, and the last one is scheduled for 23 November.

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Third Move for Austin Op 1544 (1929)

First Baptist Church Dedicates Restored Pipe Organ

Here’s a story about the new organ in First Baptist, Huntsville, Texas. My feeling is only a few Christian Scientist congregations continue to use and maintain their pipe organs, so this third home for Austin Opus 1544 may just be “the charm.”

The newly restored Austin Opus 1544 pipe organ was built in 1929 for the First Church of Christ Scientist of Glencoe, Illinois. In 2009, the church in Illinois was sold to a Korean Presbyterian congregation who wanted to use the balcony space.

“This is one of the few remaining 19th century American organs still in operation today,” said Jeff Bradley, First Baptist Church supporter. “This type of organ has long been regarded as being a standard of quality in design as well as tonal perfection. There are more early Austin organs still in use today than any other maker as their design and construction is timeless.”


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Organ Accompanies Film at Eastman

‘Silents’ Get Sound in Eastman’s Organ and Film Festival

“The art of organ accompaniment to silent film will be explored in an upcoming four-day event that includes screenings of several iconic movies from the early 20th century with live accompaniment by internationally known organists. The Organ and Film Festival, presented by the Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative and the Film/Music Cluster of the University of Rochester, will be held Oct. 23 to 26 at the Eastman School of Music and several locations around Rochester. The program includes a number of public events that will appeal to both silent film and organ enthusiasts.”

Organists include Edoardo Bellotti, Tom Trenny, Stephen Kennedy, and Philip Carli. I wish I lived closer to Rochester!



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Keeping this Historic Organ in the Family (Lutheran)

Our Savior’s Lutheran to Dedicate Historic Pipe Organ

Read the story of this organ which has survived for such a long time with maintenance, rebuilding, and moving. It’s in Fairfield, Connecticut, now, and I hope it stays there for another century.

Our Saviour’s received the historic organ in June as a gift from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension, which closed its doors in 2011 after eight decades of ministry in Glendale, Queens, N.Y. The one-manual, eight-stop organ was built in Boston in 1875 by the firm of Hutchings, Plaisted & Co., using parts from an unidentified organ dating to the 1840s. After years of use at a Congregational Church in Maine, it was put into storage, where organ builder Jeremy Cooper of Concord, N.H., found it and began restoring it in 1978.

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