Fitcarraldo for the Organ: Cathedral of Guajara Merim

Ils Construisent un Orgue pour une Cathédrale Brésilienne

Note that the photo above from this article is simply a beautiful image of an organ from Montpon, France. But, this story reminds me of Fitzcarraldo with an organ instead of an opera house! It’s brief, and if you prefer English, it’s below.

Those who are just crazy about this instrument have launched a challenge: build a cathedral organ for a church in Amazonian Brazil. The project is supported by a priest of the Diocese of Bergerac.

It is a crazy idea, just hurling amateurs to build an organ, backed by the priest of the Diocese of Bergerac. They want to build an organ in the Cathedral of Guajara Merim the heart of the Amazon in Brazil, near the Bolivian border .

The organ case was built from a diagram there, by young artisans. It appears it will be played at low cost by a French organist. Plans are for delivery and inauguration are scheduled for late July 2015.

This is a mind-boggling project designed from a perfect organ at Montpon among the seven instruments collected by the organist Francis Rosary, a man passionate about organ and who has all eras.

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Beckwith to Cover Pysher Sabbatical

Acting Organist and Choirmaster A Friend to Bethesda

Here’s a nice story about fellow Westminster Choir College alumnus, Danny Beckwith, and how visiting substitute organist dates  have blossomed into a seasonal gig.

Daniel Beckwith should feel at home in Palm Beach as acting organist and choirmaster at The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea. For 27 years, he has played at the church during visits, and since Aug. 1, he has been filling in for friend Harold “Hal” Pysher. Pysher, associate for Music and Liturgy, organist and choirmaster, is on sabbatical through December.

The over 6,000-pipe organ is also familiar to him. “It is the largest organ in South Florida and one of the finest in the state if not half the country,” Beckwith said.

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Wareham to Play at Mechanics Hall

Grant Wareham is A Musician on the Rise

“Grant Wareham has been told that as a child he once covered his ears as the playing of a piece of organ music reached a thundering climax. It’s a funny family story because Wareham, 18, is about to go to Rice University in Houston and major in organ performance. Beyond that may lie a whole career as an organist if things go as he hopes.”

If you enjoy reading about a promising young organist, then this article is for you!

“Wareham lives in Dayton, Ohio, and is already opening ears around the country. He will give a recital at Mechanics Hall at noon Aug. 13 as part of the Young Artist Showcase of the Worcester Organ Concert Series.”

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A Cross Between A Theatre Organ and A Concert Organ

Rare Organ Hidden in Macon City Auditorium

“Who remembers hearing the pipe organ in the Macon City Auditorium? It’s still there, almost all of it. But though big metal pipes are still visible at the balcony level on either side of the stage, the organ has been silent for decades.”

This story comes from Macon, Georgia — not the most like location for an instrument like this. It always boggles my mind to see how an enormous physical asset like this large organ can be ignored and forgotten by administrators of a venue.

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I Think I Hear My Pipe (Audio, Video)

Sponsor A Pipe, Build an Organ

Watch this clever video report from local Wilmington, Delaware, station WDEL about buying a new organ for their church, one pipe at a time.

“The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew & Matthew in Wilmington wants you to sponsor a pipe to help build a new one. Music director and organist David Christopher says it will contain parts of the organs of the three churches that came together to form SsAM. ‘Not only is it an exciting new instrument designed specifically for us, but it has the symbolism of having pipes of the three churches,’ he said.”

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Two onto One Does Go

All Modern Music

Read this review by Marion Lovell of a most unusual organ concert of “modern” music.

“Tom Bell and Richard Brasier shared the manuals and pedal board for some of their concert. It was very interesting watching on the video screen, the interplay of their fingers. For once, the pieces were nearly all by living composers. One such, John Aulich was in the audience.”

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Alles Was Du Bist on a Recital

“Thank you so much for the Alles was du bist trio. I have been looking for it for years and want to use it on a recital in the fall. It arrived in beautiful condition.” —Arizona, USA

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Chaource Organ Festival 2014

 Chaource Organ Festival Every Sunday in August

“Because the organ in the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste has not been changed like so many others, it attracts foreign organists. This is the origin of the festival.”

“The 5th edition of organ Chaource festival brings in July and August a group of musicians from the United States, Prague or the Netherlands involved in big French names like Jean-Pierre Griveau, owner of historic organs of Orleans. It is this desire of musicians to confront the difficulty and the purity of its design remained in the late seventeenth century (1696) instrument, which is the cause of organ Chaource festival. Because they have the opportunity to practice there the great French repertoire of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the participants offer a free concert every Sunday.”

If you would rather read this article in another language, use Google Translate.

Learn more about and hear the organ.

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Flute, Strings, Reeds and Diapasons by Toeppner

Westboro Organist Keeps Fine-tuning Her Craft

Here’s a nice story about a dedicated veteran organist who is privileged to play this J W Walker organ.

Lois Z. Toeppner is barely 5 feet tall, but when she sits in front of the J.W. Walker & Sons organ at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sudbury, and turns it on to hear the bellows hiss to life, its steel pipes gleaming like teeth, she can make the church shake with a joyful noise.

“With the organ, the possibilities are endless — the repertoire, the colors of the sound,” Mrs. Toeppner, a Westboro resident, said, adding that an organ has four families of sound — flute, strings, reeds and diapasons — all within reach of a draw knob. “There is just so much you can do.”

 We all agree with that last statement!

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There’s Nothing Like Opening Your Package of Organ Music

“I’m excited that the music arrived today – Sat. Thanks for such quick service.” —California, USA

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