February Love in A Deep River while Dancing to a Chromatic Sonata

The good news is that for February, I am really pleased to share three recordings of the four pieces with you. Many of you have written to me that hearing a piece is an important part of deciding whether you want to play it. These recordings are all top quality!


1. APHRODITE, by Ralph Kinder. If you have planned a Valentine’s Concert for this month, it’s not too late to add this one by Kinder. It isn’t hard and perfectly fits your program.

2. DEEP RIVER, by C A J Parmentier. February in the USA is “Black History Month,” and Parmentier’s published improvisation of this beloved spiritual is a good choice. It is simple enough that everyone will recognize the melody but contains enough chromatic harmony to show his theatrical musical roots. Recording by Steve Schlesing.

3. SONATE CROMATIQUE, by A L Barnes. This sonata takes a lot of work, but there is no other from 1900 that sounds like it. Mark out 20 minutes and listen to Jillian Gardner’s recording on Baylor’s big Petty-Madden.

4. DANSE MACABRE, by Saint-Saens, arranged by Clarence Dickinson and Charlotte Mathewson Lockwood. You cannot make it through Halloween without this one, and this is *the* duet arrangement of it. It’s not a hard as it sounds. Recording by David Higgs and Todd Wilson.

MONTHLY DISCOUNT BUNDLE. To get the four pieces mentioned above, I offer a special price so you can buy all of the pieces above with one click and save money in the deal. I welcome your support, and if you don’t want to play a particular piece in the group, consider giving it to a student or another organist.

Thank you for your interest in this music. Please encourage your favorite organist to play some of this “decadent” music. 🙂


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  1. Looking forward to playing the Barnes! That’ll be a fun piece to program — can’t wait!
    Thanks for your excellent service to the organist community!
    —Ohio, USA

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