The Felgemaker in Mount Zion Baptist

The History of One of Asheville’s Oldest Pipe Organs

Read Timothy Burkhardt’s brief and interesting article on the history of the Felgemaker in Mount Zion Baptist in Asheville, North Carolina. The last two paragraphs tell a story with which we’re all familiar, but it’s not the outcome we would desire.

When Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church was constructed in 1919, the church leaders purchased a 1901 Felgemaker pipe organ from the First Baptist Church of Asheville. Rumor has it that the First Baptist sold the Felgemaker to make way for a “modern” organ for its newly built chapel on Oak Street but soon came to regret that decision. But Mount Zion couldn’t bear to part with the instrument, and what is likely the oldest working pipe organ in Asheville has remained in its sanctuary for nearly a century.

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