Popular, Classic Music – Not Church

Popular, Classic Music – Not Church

I received a terrific note from a German organist who feels as I do that we should play and promote all organ music, not just that with a religious relation. So, after reading his post, please visit his website, www.rundfunkorgel-hamburg.de.

Good Morning, Michael. I am pleased today in the post to have received my order of your sheet music. Thank you. Thank you also to John for the surprise Meditation by Kinder.

I organize the  concerts with the historical organ at the Studio Norddeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg twice a year. I always invite good organ players from Europe, USA, and Russia to introduce you to the musical wishes. For this, I always need the music – if possible in a organ version – to fulfill the desired titles for the program. You have a lot of it. This will not be my last order.

If you know good organ players – popular, classic music – not church – then send it to me for a co-operation. Concerts are always in March and October each year. We will find a good way for the fee and travel expenses.

Take a look at the homepage, Rundfunkorgel-Hamburg.de and you will get know the organ and the 32 concerts with many artists, including those from Arizona and Kansas.

My best regards.

Dieter Bartels

Note: I am in the process of restoring the Kinder Meditation that Dieter referenced above. Watch for my announcement later this year.

For a short video of the organ, visit youtube.com/watch?v=WuKglGARhuw.

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  1. George Murphy says:

    Very, very nice posting from Herr Bartels.
    It is great to see the resurgence of this fine music, which employed many hours of hard work to bring it about. It is also encouraging to know that it reaches far beyond our own shores here in America.

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