René Becker: An Organist and His Music

René Becker: An Organist and His Music

René Louis Becker (1882-1956) was born in Alsace but lived mostly in the United States. He played as church organist, recitalist, and accompanist, and wrote 152 organ pieces.

That’s the briefest description of this man. Next, comes Steven Ball’s 2012 capsule biography of him which I present on my Biographies page. It’s just one short page and tells you more information and will prompt you (I hope) to want to learn and play more of his music.

For the full story, you should read Damin Spritzer’s doctoral dissertation, also from 2012: Overview and Introduction to the Organ Music of Alsatian-American Composer René Louis Becker.

Here is a list of his pieces that I have restored; some of these pages have recordings.

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