Hungarian March Is Also Known as Rákóczi March

Hungarian March Is Also Known as Rákóczi March

An organist asked me today after hearing “The Rákóczy March” (alternate spelling) on the radio if we had a transcription of it. He could not find it on the website because he was searching for the name and not for “Hungarian March.” Herbert Brewer’s transcription is titled “Hungarian March,” and I forgot to add anything about Rákóczy on the page. Ouch!

The Prince of Transylvania, shown above, had a favorite march and this is it. Hungarians formally list names beginning with the surname, so he is seen both as II Rákóczi Ferenc or Ferenc Rákóczi II.

See more about the history of the march on Wikipedia and more about Brewer’s transcription on Berlioz-Brewer.HungarianMarch.html.

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  1. George Murphy says:

    Might we have this available for purchase?

    It is a great piece of music and will work well on the instrument. At WCC we performed this entire musical drama under Pierre Boulez and this particular section was the highlight of an otherwise, long and cumbersome work (although not bad). We were actually seated during the present march, which was a relief factor, too.

    Berlioz was 14 years senior to Cesar Franck and was putting out some powerful compositional styles of his own.

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