The fight to save New York’s historic Erben Organ

The Fight to Save New York’s Historic Erben Organ

There’s not much to the video part of this story from CBSN, but it is a powerful story about our heritage and the musical and religious history of New York City. I hope that this is really not a fight at all but a point of rallying behind the organ to keep and repair it. This was not the case with another important instrument, the Round Lake Organ, removed from New York City back in 1888.

The Erben Organ, as it was named after its creator, was designed by world-renowned New York City organ builder Henry Erben near the culmination of his six-decade career. Its structure was erected by his team of highly skilled American and European immigrant craftsmen, and the organ was delivered to St. Patrick’s by horse and carriage in 1868, just three years after the end of the Civil War.

Today, it is the only large, mid-19th-century pipe organ left in America that’s intact in its original acoustic space. And Lamenzo believes it is one of the most important historic instruments in the nation.

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