Chautauqua, Here We Come

Organ Concerts A Celebration of the Organ’s Survival

Here is a story that will make you feel good about what’s doing in Chautauqua. I’m especially proud that Jared has chosen to play some of the music that I’ve restored (Dawn and Night by Cyril Jenkins) I hope to get back up there in 2018 to hear him live!

After 110 years, multiple restorations and the complete rebuild of its home around it, the Massey Memorial Organ remains standing in the new Amphitheater.

The first Massey Memorial Organ Mini-Concert of the season will honor that resilience at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday in the Amp. Jared Jacobsen, organist and coordinator of worship and sacred music, titled the program “Survivor!” and said it will showcase the continued strength of the instrument.

“It really is a survivor,” Jacobsen said.

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