Christos Patterakis on the Reuter Sample Set

The Organ of Temple Beth Israel in Portland, Oregon

Steve Schlesing has made a recording of Roy Perry’s Christos Patterakis on this sample set taken from Reuter’s Opus 227 from 1926. It’s a great match of music and instrument. Thanks, Steve!

Here’s a bit about the organ that was sampled (from the Sonus Paradisi website).

The congregation was formed in 1858 and first met in Burke’s Hall on First Street. In 1861 they built their first edifice which was the first synagogue on the Northern Pacific coast. It was enlarged four years later, but was soon outgrown. A new temple was consecrated in 1889 and housed a Geo. Kilgen organ that burned with the temple in 1923. The present Byzantine-style temple of brick and sandstone was consecrated in April 1928. The Reuter organ was contracted on December 28, 1926. It was scheduled for delivery in September 1927, but was probably not installed until 1928. The cost of the organ was $25,000.00.

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