Festival Prelude on Ein’ Feste Burg

Festival Prelude on Ein’ Feste Burg

I have begun work on restoring organ music by William Faulkes, as some of you know by playing his Paraphrase on a Christmas Hymn (“O Little Town of Bethlehem”). I wanted to start with that one because it’s one of the better settings of Lewis Redner’s tune, St Louis. I have others by Faulkes for future release, and so today I have started working on his Festival Prelude on “A Mighty Fortress.” This piece has the distinction of being the last of his organ music to stay in print. Those of you who play it understand its appeal; it is an excellent choice for Reformation Day.

Now, on to the performance log shown above and in detail here. Sometimes, I am told that my restored music comes from the free download sites. Ha! If you have seen most of the organ music there, you will notice poor resolutions, skewed images, pages missing, notes unclear, and more. It is not possible to restore what’s not there! I am restoring Faulkes’s most popular piece from the well-worn copy owned by the great organist, Carl F Mueller. The dates above show the number of times he played it. The first was a recital on October 14, 1917, and the last was for service on October 30, 1960. What a run!

I hope you will watch this blog for my announcement of this piece!

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  1. George Murphy says:

    I can see that this manuscript belonged to Carl F. Mueller. He was once organist here in Monmouth Cty., NJ at First Pres in Red Bank.

    I happen to have his copy of Purvis’ Seven Chorale Preludes and it was obviously a common practice for Mr. Mueller to date each work when it was played.

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