On the Lookout for New Repertoire

On the Lookout for New Repertoire

I received this note recently, and it made my day, week, and month! This kind of encouragement makes me want to continue restoring more and more organ music.

Thank you very much indeed for the organ music which arrived beautifully packaged as always! I play weekly organ recitals in one of the churches where I work and am always on the lookout for new repertoire to play for the small but faithful audience that come every week. The music on your website is virtually unknown to Dutch audiences (and indeed English audiences when I play in the UK).

Theatre organs are also a passion of mine and your store is one of the only places I know that has music specifically for theatre organ. I shall certainly learn a lot by studying the arrangements by Fred Feibel. Another very useful feature on the website is the recording of each piece which helps to get a quick impression of the music. Perhaps I can have a go at making some recordings of the arrangements on the theatre organs here in the Netherlands.

Many thanks once again — another very satisfied customer!

Have a great Summer. Best wishes.


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  1. George Murphy says:

    It is so nice to see that our European brothers and sisters are so close in artistic presence. It has been a great joy for me to purchase from some of then in other countries, and, that they have discovered what MMS has to offer overseas, too!

    The organ world is shrinking as well. We have so much more at our disposal.

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