Surprisingly Large, but Somehow Kept Out of Sight

The History Behind the Shelton High School Pipe Organ

I love interns. Rachel Philipson, intern for the Shelton Herald, put this article together about a forgotten and abandoned organ. Yes, interns have the creativity and willingness to write about topics that experienced career news reports pass over. Once upon a time organs were built into high school auditoriums. Times changed and well, out of sight, out of mind, so life went on without the organ and organist. Read about what’s happening now.

More than 30 years ago, a 1927 Austin theatre pipe organ was moved into the auditorium where a variety of nationally acclaimed organists would perform.

Jon Sibley, president of the Connecticut Valley Theatre Organ Society, said the the organ is surprisingly large, but somehow kept out of sight. “[The organ is] behind the wall grilles on either side of the stage. Mechanical parts to the rare pipe organ include wind reservoirs that are located below the chambers, making the organ installation two stories high behind the auditorium walls and out of sight. One would be quite amazed as to what and how much is there.”


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