Ravel’s Pavane, Faulkes’s Fortress, Boex’s Rustic March, and Kinder’s Toccata

For October’s offering, I have chosen four pieces with two that are instantly recognized, one that is little known, and one which is seldom heard. I really hope there’s something for all tastes!


1. PAVANE (pour une infante défunte), by Maurice Ravel, arranged by Charles Cronham. This is a fine arrangement, not hard to play, that captures the beauty and pathos of Ravel’s haunting melody. He composed the original for piano in 1899 in fulfillment of a commission and orchestrated it in 1910. Cronham’s organ arrangement is from 1950.

2. FESTIVAL PRELUDE ON EIN’ FESTE BURG, by William Faulkes. His treatment of this tune is not as involved or difficult as many pieces for festivals. Faulkes dedicated it to Edwin H Lemare in 1913, and it’s a great way to open a hymn festival or for postlude honoring Martin Luther (October 31).

3. MARCHE CHAMPÊTRE and THE CALM OF NIGHT, by Andrew J Boex. Though not his name, he was known in English-speaking countries as “Andrew.” To read a particularly interesting capsule biography of Boex and to hear some recordings of his music, please visit the page below.

4. TOCCATA IN D, by Ralph Kinder. I’m sure you’re thinking that we surely don’t need another toccata, especially in D. This is Kinder at his most ambitious! The right hand is filled with brilliant sixteenths but they are easily fingered. The left hand is pure accompaniment. It doesn’t have a fugue, but the ending has a great part to show off your solo or horizontal trumpet.

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