Faulkes Prelude on A Mighty Fortress Video

Ein’ Feste Burg Video for October’s Reformation Day

I have added an excellent video to my page on the Festival Prelude on Ein’ Feste Burg by William Faulkes. It’s by Hermann Koop and you can watch his video on Youtube or listen and look at the sample pages I’ve provided. You will enjoy it!

Hermann sent me a link to a page with some information on the organ and this photo.

The page indicates that it was built in 1963 by Franz Breil who used pipes from older organs in the construction. It’s II/23 and Hermann offered what he could remember:

There are 23 stops. I do not know them all by heart, but it it like this:

  • Great: principal 8′, octaav 4′, fluit 2′, fluit 8′, fluit 4′, mixture, trumpet 8′, trumpet 16′
  • Positiv: principal 4′, fluit 8′, fluit 4′, octav 2′, scharff, sesquialtar, Siffflöte, dulzian 8′
  • Pedal: Gedackt 16′, Gedackt 8′. principal 8′, fluit 4′, fluit 2′, trumpet 16′, mixture
  • All couplers

Festival Prelude on Ein’ Feste Burg

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  1. George Murphy says:

    Thank you very much for this video. These European organists, and their respective instruments, offer such terrific interpretations that one cannot believe one’s ears.

    Resonance in these buildings only enhances the experience, too. Germany has become my new favorite in the organs and their performers. I was able to play a number of instruments in France a dozen years ago (some I never even thought I’d ever see). A tour of that magnitude to Germany would be exactly what the doctor ordered.

    The Cathedral of St. Blasien in the Black Forest region of Germany has one of the finest instruments on the continent. What’s more, there is not a single 32′ stop anywhere to be found.

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