Marche Champetre by Boex Played at Sanfilippo

I was recently reminded that Aram Basmadjian recorded Marche Champetre many years before I got around to restoring the music. He played this fun rustic march on the enormous organ in the theatre at Jasper Sanfilippo’s Victorian Palace. I am pleased to share it with you and provide a link for you to buy his entire recording, “Wurlitzer Classics,” from 2013.

Marche Champetre

Aram Basmadjian
Assistant Vice President
Allen Organ Company LLC

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  1. George Murphy says:

    This is a great inspirational piece that goes back to Bruce Prince-Joseph’s 1961 recorded performance at St. Paul’s Chapel – Columbia University. [Seven Centuries of the Organ]

    There are other interesting pieces and all perfectly executed on this album.

    Very old work that is remarkably restored by MMS, and, it will not require a ton of practice hours either.

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