A Letter from William Faulkes

A Letter from William Faulkes

Here is a letter that we received from Robert Glick. The circumstances of his receipt of this letter by Faulkes from 1899 is given below the transcription. I and John Apple have endeavored to transcribe the letter but some items were unrecognizable to us. Should you have greater understanding of what he wrote, please post in the comments below.

First, I present the images of the letters. They are in this page set at 600 pixels, but if you click on them, they will open and zoom to fill your browser. I hope you enjoy this bit of correspondence from the past!

Also, scroll to the bottom for links to the organ music of Faulkes.


4 __
Anfield, Liverpool
May 15th 1899

Dear Sir

Accept my best thanks for your letter [so] P[?] order (9/8) [August 9] safely to hand. I did not wish you to send money for the 2nd set until ready, as I have not yet had any proofs so it may be two months or more before I can send you the music. However it does not matter if you do not mind.

I send you also Nos 5, 7, 9 & 12 of my “Series for Ch[urch] & Concert Use” which please accept. If you can recommend my pieces to any of your friends I shall be very grateful.

My new book will be exactly the same style as the 1st set of six & about the same length.

Yours faithfully
William Faulkes

To __ Esq[uire], F.R.C.O.

P. S.
The pieces that have been most played are —
Cantilene in A, Grand Chorus in D: out of my set of _Twelve_ (out of print)
Offertoire in G, Processional March in F, Sonata, Concert Ov[erture], Andante Pastorale,

Menuetto G minor (out of print): Series for Ch[urch] & Concert.
March in C (Six Pieces 1st Set)

Letter explaining Faulkes’s letter

Dear John,

I enjoyed meeting you and talking with you at the OHS Convention. As you requested, I am sending you a copy of the letter from William Faulkes. It was inside a piece of music I inherited from an old organist friend who has long since died.

All the best,
Robert Glick
July 11, 2006



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  1. On Facebook, Allen Herther suggested for the first sentence: & P, order (and Purchase order) and in the second paragraph: & If you can recommend (missing the “and” where the “&” is).

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