Bedell’s Noel, Gaul’s Manger, Callaerts’s Op 28, and Fred’s Egyptian Ballet

Bedell’s Noel, Gaul’s Manger, Callaerts’s Op 28, and Fred’s Egyptian Ballet

Happy New Year! I just couldn’t fit all the great Christmas music into the last two months, so I am including two more Christmas pieces in the January announcement. (Be sure to remember the Candlyn Divinum Mysterium from November, the most requested piece of 2016-17.) January contains another volume from the great Belgian organist, Joseph Callaerts, and a terrific transcription from Fred Feibel.


1. NOËL WITH VARIATIONS by Robert Leech Bedell. This, to the best of my knowledge, is an original Noel with the variations. The three movements go quickly and are suited for concert use or perhaps a postlude.

2. TO MARTIN LUTHER’S CHRISTMAS CAROL, by Harvey Gaul. He wrote this somewhat dramatic setting of “Away In A Manger” that is all but unknown. The tune is from “Flow Gently, Sweet Afton.”

3. PIÈCES POUR ORGUE, OPUS 28, by Joseph Callaerts. These pieces are the first three from Series Two. They are suitable for service or concert use. The publishing style from this period was to omit accidentals to notes in a different octave in the same staff; I have added these so as to make them in line with today’s expectations.

4. BALLET EGYPTIEN, by Alexandre Luigini, arranged by Fred Feibel. You may be scratching your head now at reading the name of Feibel for something that’s not popular theatre organ, but he had much more to offer than most people know. This four-movement suite is a lot of fun and you may recognize it from the many organ performances, and some may recognize it from playing it in high school or college orchestras.

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