Goodbye, Organist Entertains

Radio 2 Axes The Organist Entertains after Almost 49 Years

Here is sad news for listeners of this long-running radio program. Nigel Ogden is the current host, succeeding Robin Richmond. I have placed a link on my website to the program for over a decade. Enjoy it while you can!

The Organist Entertains, BBC Radio 2’s long-running music show, is to be taken off the airwaves after almost 49 years. The half-hour programme showcasing recordings and live performances of a variety of organs currently airs at 11pm on Tuesdays but will end when the station’s wide-ranging schedule re-shuffle comes into effect on May 14th.

The Organist Entertains
on BBC Radio2

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  1. It is indeed tragic indeed; an excellent organ program is removed and so much other programs remain! RIP!

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