Gatty Sellars and the Grand Organ Recital

Gatty Sellars and the Grand Organ Recital

In 1915, Gatty Sellars began his return transcontinental recital tour in the United States. Since very few of us can remember this series of concerts, it is interesting to peruse a program from that time. Page 2 introduces him to the audience, though he “needs no introduction”! “The world famed English Organist-Composer needs no introduction on this, his fifth visit to the United Sates, this time to play for one of the leading New York Gramaphone Companies, who desired records of his performances.”

“His compositions published by no less than sixteen leading English, American and German firms are known the world over.” I have restored several of them, and I hope to find more.

Gatty Sellars Organ Music I’ve Restored

Of the items on his program, I offer a few but some are not in transcriptions by Sellars. They are worth examining, though. Notice he did not play Wagner but he did play Bach. The Fugue in B Minor was probably from the Prelude and Fugue in B Minor, BWV 544. I have not found his “An Evening Idyll” or “Cantilene Joyeuse” but hope to get them some day. You should notice that he will improvise a Storm (à la mode suisse) “when desired.” I understand that it was almost always “desired”! Below are the pieces I currently offer:

The Program

Concert Program 1

Concert Program 2

Concert Program 3

Concert Program 4

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