Learn About Carl Rossini Diton

Learn About Carl Rossini Diton

Carl Rossini Diton was born on October 30, 1886 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He studied music with his father, Samuel James Diton, followed by music study at the University of Pennsylvania, from which he received a BS  in 1909. He was the first Negro (black, African-American) pianist to make a transcontinental tour which was in 1909-10. Now, you’ve got to love his middle name. His father was a musician, so why not?

View his Biographical Sketch/CV:


The image above is the first page of letter from Diton to W. E. B. Du Bois, December 12, 1909. If you can read cursive writing, it is an interesting journey into a time past with a young musician eager to engage and learn from a great writer and public figure. Read the entire letter:


I have just announced the first restored organ piece by him, and it was in fact the first organ publication of a spiritual! Read more about it and Diton:


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