Good Lord! Can We *Please* Build Roofs that Don’t Leak?

Water Leak Damages Chautauqua Institution Pipe Organ

I don’t have much comment here: Aaaaarrrrrrggggghh! After all the mess with rebuilding the place, this? I was there to hear Jared in 2014, and I didn’t think the auditorium needed rebuilding; this is a complex subject, and I don’t mean to start that here. But water? Even the densest person knows that water is the eternal enemy of organs. How could the designers and builders of the new construction allow this to happen?

The organ’s pipework and internal systems remained undamaged, but its keyboards will need some work. Chautauqua Institution Vice President of Marketing Emily Morris says repairs are underway.

“They disassembled the console and removed the keyboards. Those are being sent to an expert facility where they will be restored and returned to us,” Morris said.

This is a preliminary report, so don’t expect the full story in this article. I’ll cover any subsequent news I find. Please post here if you find out anything else.


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