Noack Comes to St Paul’s, Lower Broadway

An Organ — and Soon Another — Lands on Broadway

One of my blog readers suggested this article in The New York Times. It is rich with writing, photos, and a fine short video about the Noack organ. The hatred shown for electronic organs is a bit over the top, but we are all probably able to understand it. This historic structure surely deserves the best after all of the destructive force it has endured from those many years ago.

To hear Julian Wachner tell it, playing the organs of Trinity Church Wall Street in recent years has posed risks to both body and spirit. “It is soul-numbing to play that thing,” Mr. Wachner, the church’s hard-driving director of music and arts, said of the digital instrument in Trinity Church, on Lower Broadway. He also called the Schlicker pipe organ, long resident in St. Paul’s Chapel, Trinity’s historic satellite a few blocks north, “tendinitis central.” But all that will soon change. Some of it already has.

Be sure to read about the 15-year-old digital instrument planned to be replaced by an $8 million pipe organ now being made by Rosales.

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