Brilliant Youthful Composer in Love

Brilliant Youthful Composer in Love Only with Pipe Organ

This article from the Detroit Free Press is about one of our favorite American organists, Robert Elmore. It’s from 1938, and I’ll give you a sample to entice you to read the full article. I want to thank Linda Brown for contributing this for the blog so we can share it with friends; take that as your hint to send it to anyone not familiar with Elmore.

“My mother sat next to Mrs. Newberry at a luncheon, and, as mothers will, poured for the story of her gorgeous little boy. Mrs. Newberry took her seriously, and provided the funds for the two trips a week from Philadelphia to New York, where I trained under Pietro Yon. I wouldn’t have had much of a chance if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Newberry.”

Here are links to the Elmore pieces I’ve restored thus far:

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