New Poll on Difficult Organ Music

New Poll on Difficult Organ Music

I have installed a new poll on the most difficult organ music you’ve ever played. I put in pieces that I consider among the most difficult, but you can add your suggestions below in the comments. Remember, this poll concerns the most difficult piece you have ever played, not the most difficult in the repertoire.

You’ll find the poll on the right side of this page or at the right side of the blog home page: Blog Home Page

Here’s a link to a post I made on January 2014 on hard music:

The World’s Hardest (videos)

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4 Responses to New Poll on Difficult Organ Music

  1. I was 6 weeks old when that article on Robert Elmore appeard in the newspaper. (article of 22 December 1938)

  2. Probably the most difficult work I have tried to learn and play is Franz Liszt “Funerailles”.

  3. Bradford Dale says:

    Mine would be the Mozart fantasy K608. The hardest part is keeping the tempo intact between the different sections keeping the music cohesive: figuring out the tempo where it doesn’t drag during the slow parts but yet does not feel like it’s running a race in the fast parts.

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