Are We All Hiding Under A Bushel?

Where Have All the Organists Gone?

Most of us have heard that it is becoming harder to find organists. If a church or temple offers very little in salary and benefits, that is surely a guarantee that this will continue. I talked with a new barber today, and he said he went to a large church in a nearby town. He said that their room held 1500 and he always felt positive and uplifting upon leaving a service. I asked about an organ and an organist. He said that they had “an orchestra.” I asked about the denomination and it was Assemblies of God. So, they had what we all call a “Praise Band.” I asked about an electronic organ or perhaps a Hammond. He said they just had keyboards. But, he added that they had many drums and multiple percussionists. So, is this what church has in store in the future? These kind of groups have no use for an organist. Who knows if any of the instrumentalists are paid.

Anyway, this article is from the Baptist Press blog. I graduated from Mars Hill College, so I am familiar with Southern Baptists. Read it and see what you think.

Has playing the organ become a dying art? What has happened to the organists — the ones who read three staffs of music, dance on the pedals, maneuver multiple manuals, pull organ stops, push pistons, manipulate swell and crescendo pedals and follow a director — all at the same time? Is there no one else to sit on the bench where “Aunt Sally” sat for 40 years?


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