A March-Scherzo, a Sparkling Fountain, More Callaerts, and a Dancing Donkey

Many of us in the USA are preparing a Patriotic Program for next month, so I have decided to offer you four pieces that have nothing at all to do with Patriotic music. Please read below to see what is interesting to you. Also, should you be in need of something to add to your July 4th concert, please check my list at michaelsmusicservice.com/blog/?page_id=3012


1. MARCH-SCHERZO by Clarence Kohlmann. I present this fun piece from 1931 by the organist of Ocean Grove Auditorium. He played this on the big Hope-Jones there, and it really filled the great space!

2. THE FOUNTAIN SPARKLING IN THE SUNLIGHT, by Hugo Goodwin. This programmatic sketch from 1917 will take some work to learn, but the effect is striking.

3. PIÈCES POUR ORGUE, OPUS 29 by Joseph Callaerts. This volume contains his brilliant Toccata in E-minor, his most popular piece. There is also an Offertoire and a Funeral March. I know it’s unusual, but I could see this Marche Funèbre in a Halloween program!

4. DONKEY DANCE, by Robert Elmore. Put a little “hee-haw” in your program with Elmore’s clever novelty piece. Why not put this together with “On the Trail” from Ferde Grofé’s Grand Canyon Suite? Rio.ArrangementsI.html contains the only organ arrangement of this ever published.

MONTHLY DISCOUNT BUNDLE. To get the four pieces mentioned above, I offer a special price so you can buy all of the pieces above with one click and save money in the deal. I welcome your support, and if you don’t want to play a particular piece in the group, consider giving it to a student or another organist.

I hope some of you will make and share some videos of these so we can enjoy them. Thank you all for your interest in this music.


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