With Best Wishes of R S Stoughton

With Best Wishes of R S Stoughton

This was a “Professional Copy,” as you can in the image. This means that this music was given away to someone in the hope that they would play it or even record it. “By the Waters of Babylon” was published in 1920 by White-Smith Music Publishing Co. It was written by Leroy Spaulding Stoughton (1884–1953). He was known as Roy in his early life and then variously as R Spaulding Stoughton and, as above, R S Stoughton.

I offer more information on him, including a review of his “In Fairyland” found in The American Organist from 1919, on my page for the restored music.

The inscription above is:

Originally music for the Prologue of the Easter Pageant at First Universalist Church. With best wishes of R S Stoughton. [Worcester, Massachusetts]


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