Norwegian Villagers, WWI Memory, Biltmore’s Organist, & Callaerts Sonata 1

Can you believe it’s August already? For this month’s selections, I have tried to offer a lot of variety. For those who want a challenge, I chose a sonata by a great Belgian organist. For those who want to remember the sadness, casualties, and deaths of “The Great War,” World War I to us, I chose one of the most moving yet approachable pieces by an American organ teacher and composer. There is an atmospheric piece by J W Clokey depicting an old village in Norway. And, I present two pieces by the organist hired by G W Vanderbilt to play the organ at Biltmore.


1. IN A NORWEGIAN VILLAGE by Joseph Clokey. My first selection is Clokey’s Op 11, No 1, from 1920. It’s an atmospheric piece depicting a visit to an old Norwegian (Viking) village.

2. IN MEMORIAM, by Gordon Balch Nevin. I could not find information about exactly the subject of this piece, but I believe it is intended to honor those who died in World War I.

3. TWO COMPOSITIONS, OP 52 by F Flaxington Harker. The first of the two is based on “Silent Night.” It is rarely heard, so if you’re looking for a different treatment for this year, I hope you will take a look.

4. SONATA 1, by Joseph Callaerts. Although this sonata will take work, it is not an impossible task. The Finale is the favorite movement (isn’t it always?), and I present a recording for you to enjoy.

MONTHLY DISCOUNT BUNDLE. To get the four pieces mentioned above, I offer a special price so you can buy all of the pieces above with one click and save money in the deal. I welcome your support, and if you don’t want to play a particular piece in the group, consider giving it to a student or another organist.

I include a couple of recordings of these pieces, but I welcome you to make and share some videos of these so that we all can enjoy them. Thank you all for your interest in this music.


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