Mueller’s Copy of Harker’s Two Compositions, Op 52

Mueller’s Copy of Harker’s Two Compositions, Op 52

Sometimes, I am asked (or accused) of using music scanned and downloaded from one of the free sites. First, I need an original to restore. You can’t restore what isn’t there, and many of the online images omit pages, remove colors, and remove ads — some of the most interesting parts!

So, as I have posted before, I am lucky to have a large number of pieces from the library of Carl Mueller. The Two Compositions, Op 52, came from this collection. Here, just for fun, are the images of his cover and the first page of music. You can see the faded colors but the online images are purely black and white. My restoration makes the Christmassy red and green pop again! Then, take a look at his record of performance. You can see another of his logs in my post for Ein’ Feste Burg.

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You will notice that Mueller’s cover has no green. Later printings saved cost by omitting the green! I sampled the green from a copy at the University of Michigan. You see my restoration below.

By the way, the photo of Mueller at the top is from The Concert Choir of New Jersey website where you can find information on how they began.

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