The Race to Repair Chautauqua’s Massey Memorial Organ

The Race to Repair Chautauqua’s Massey Memorial Organ

I haven’t seen much notice about this excellent article from June 22 about what’s going on with the repairs to the organ at Chautauqua, so I’m drawing attention to it here. It was written by Riley Robinson and contains many fascinating photos and a short video. Everyone involved with the organ is making the best from a bad situation.

Repairs to the Massey Organ began in January, after snowmelt damaged the organ’s console. Paul and Mark Fischer, the father and son who reconstructed the organ in 1992, have been racing to finish repairs before the season’s start. “I’m beyond excited,” said Jared  Jacobsen, Chautauqua’s organist and coordinator of worship and sacred music. “I’ve been living and breathing this whole thing for months.”

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