Michael Stairs Dead at Age 72

Michael Stairs Dead at Age 72

You know the old saw that unpleasantries come in lots of three? So soon after the death of the great organ patron, Wesley C Dudley, comes the death of the friendly and extremely talented organist, Michael Ondon Stairs. (I am not eagerly awaiting the third notice.) Michael had cancer but still his death came suddenly. It seems like only recently that he was ordering music from me to play at Church of the Redeemer. I and all of his huge number of friends, admirers, and fans will miss him.

Read the obituary from The Inquirer:

Michael Stairs, 72, Philadelphia Orchestra organist

Read thoughts and listen to an 2013 interview from WRTI:

Remembering a Leading Light in Philadelphia’s Music World

Read the obituary from Legacy.com:


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    I am saddened to hear this news about Michael Stairs. I was fortunate to hear him several times, both in Philadelphia and Portland, and was never disappointed: he was a superb musician and a friendly, witty and charmingly modest stage personality. As a teacher, I know he was beloved by both students and colleagues at Haverford School. His passing is a great loss to many.

    Thank you, Michael, for informing us.

    Herb Taylor
    Freeport, Maine

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