I Could Have Listened to You Play That All Day

Good morning. I just had to write an email to say a big thank you for your wonderful service. The music you provide is so well loved! Last week, I received the monthly bundle (along with a couple of other pieces as well). This past Sunday, I had been asked to be part of an organ dedication concert here in my home town. At the last minute I chose to substitute the Browne Meditation for my last piece. Let me just say that it turned out to be the best decision. After an hour of organists showing off the full volume of the organ, this piece was a perfect ending to the concert. It highlighted many different colors, the middle section did allow for a nice crescendo, and it ended by quietly fading to the softest stops. Afterwards so many people complimented that piece. “I could have listened to you play that all day.” “We had no idea the organ could sound like that.” “Can you show our organist how to make it sound like that for him?” So thank you again for finding these old gems and returning them to us!

My second thank you is about the lovely knitted piece that was in the package as well. I have to admit that I did not discover it at first. That happened when my husband was cleaning up the packing envelope that I had left on the piano bench and noticed that there was still something inside. Coincidentally, his favorite color is purple so that was an extra bonus. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

—Vermont, USA

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