Five for Advent, What’s an Aubade, Toccata on Noël Nouvelet, and Singing Pilgrims

I have chosen the four pieces for November, and I tried to show as much variety as I could. There are selections for service music and concert music. I hope you like them.


1. ADVENT by Pietro Yon. December 2 is the beginning of the 2018 Advent season, a bit later than usual. Pietro Yon’s “First Religious Suite for Organ” turned out to be his only one due to his death in the same year of publication, 1943. Your congregation may not recognize these once popular Catholic melodies, but you probably will.

2. AUBADE, by Edwin H Lemare. What’s an Aubade? Chabrier, Massenet, Ravel, Satie, and Poulenc used this term as a title in their non-organic compositions. There have been a few organ compositions with this title, the best known by Louis Vierne from the year following Lemare’s piece, 1927.

3. FINALE ON A NOEL, by Harry Banks. The tune used here is Noël Nouvelet, a late 15th century French Christmas carol. Its primary English version is known as “Sing we now of Christmas.” This was the last published piece by Banks.

4. PILGRIMS’ CHORUS from TANNHÄUSER, by Richard Wagner, transcribed by Clarence Eddy. Here is an alternative to the Lemare transcription of the Pilgrims’ Chorus. It’s the earliest with the exception of those by Wagner’s friend, Franz Liszt. Eddy’s is much easier and shorter than the Overture which also contains this beloved melody.

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Thank you all for your interest in this music and your support for my restoration efforts.


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