New Music for Oct-Nov

Greetings, everyone. This is an announcement for the combined months of October and November. It includes four new organ music restorations and my Halloween Music List (for those who haven’t seen it).


1. AN ETON MEMORIAL MARCH, by C H Lloyd (1849–1919). By now, you are familiar with the name of the great Gloucester organist, Herbert Brewer. Before his tenure there, C H Lloyd served as organist and also taught Brewer. Lloyd wrote this work for large choir and orchestra. The Musical Times wrote in 1908 that the march “would make an excellent organ piece,” so Brewer made this transcription to honor his teacher. It’s as good as the Elgar marches, I think.

2. AT TWILIGHT, by Charles Stebbins (1874–1958). This is his third published piece and was popular enough to be sold as an organ roll by Estey. It’s pure program music.

3. A PURCELL SUITE, by Henry Purcell (1659-1695), arranged by Herbert Fricker (1868-1943). Fricker selected some of the well known Purcell tunes from various sources and made them into this suite. Probably the best known is the fourth one, easily recognized as the theme in Britten’s “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.”

4. AULD LANG SYNE PARAPHRASE FOR THE ORGAN, by Herve Wilkins (1848–1913). In 1890, US President Benjamin Harrison was our top executive and Mark Twain’s “Gilded Age” was in full swing. Herve Wilkins had played at the Philadelphia Exposition in 1876 and had six more years to wait before becoming a founder of the American Guild of Organists in 1896. His concert paraphrase of this New Year’s Eve favorite was a grand way to close out 1890, and I recommend it to you for 2012. Many of you may recall Agnes Armstrong’s beautiful recording of it on her “Victorian Christmas at Round Lake” CD.



I have added more organ music and related items.

Earlier this month, I got one of the best suggestions ever! It was used by some famous pianists an encore and looks like it will be a load of fun. I encourage you to send in your suggestions for future titles, too.


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