Allen GW4 For Sale in Florida

I have been notified by a friend that he is selling his Allen George Wright Theatre Organ. Here is some information and photos, and if you’re interested in giving this organ a good home, contact him at

The following is from the dealer I purchased it from:

The Organ shipped Macungie, PA 4-10-99 The speakers are finish grade Walnut. It is one of the very few Allen Renaissance technology based organs that can be IN-FIELD UPDATED TO QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY! This means that it would be an Allen Quantum GW-4! Call the Atlanta organ dealer if you want to do that.

The organ is located in Lynn Haven, Florida. The purchase price is 50K including a ton of organ music, the smart recorder and discs. The pictures below include the Smart Recorder.

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  1. Beverly Boyle says:

    Just spotted this organ, is it still available ?
    How much is the owner asking for this beautiful organ ?
    I live in PA.

  2. Heard today that the organ sold. Hurrah!

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