Buck Hits a Home Run

Home Sweet Home Run for Dudley Buck

One of the lesser known organ pieces by Dudley Buck is his variations on “Home Sweet Home.”  Could this be due to the publisher, S T  Gordon, not having the publicity of Buck’s primary publisher, G  Schirmer?  Or could  it be due to Buck having left intact the peaceful nature of the original song?

Buck himself considered this piece important enough to play as an encore after his Star-Spangled Banner variations in his 1867 Chicago concert. In June 1890 Charles Ives performed it in his hometown of Danbury at the conclusion of his Rossini-Bach-Mendelssohn recital. Ives would further use it as the prototype for his America variations of 1892. Over 20 years later, the Scottish born composer Edward F Johnston (1879-1919), Cornell University organist, scored “a success with the audience” with this piece in one of his weekly concerts there.

See details and samples for our restoration of Buck’s “Home, Sweet Home” and listen to the piece that still can score a success with your audience.

John Apple

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