Champion for the Organ in the General Media

Arts Center Needs Its Crowning Jewel

If every mid-sized city had a Ture Larson writing and advocating for the arts, notably including the pipe organ, the cultural and arts climate would be considerably higher. From the Orlando Sentinel comes this inspiring view that the organ should be included as a part of any orchestral hall. In Charlotte, we have not had a champion to accelerate our organ project, and so Ture’s efforts in Orlando seem even more impressive.

“As a strong patron of the arts in this community, I am excited to see the progress being made in the construction of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Phase I. A 1,700-seat acoustic hall for ballet, opera and symphonic performances is scheduled to be constructed in Phase II.”

“More than 20 of our major cities have world-class centers that contain a visual centerpiece — a crowning jewel — “the king of instruments,” as Mozart labeled the organ. Pipe organs are standard components of concert halls around the world. With almost 400 compositions for orchestra with organ, in addition to a plethora of selections for brass with organ and band with organ, it is easy to understand why the organ would greatly increase programming opportunities for the symphony and other ensembles.”

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