AGO Convention Nashville 3

Last night’s fireworks were indeed impressive. Nashville promised their biggest show ever, and it was over 25 minutes. Got to spend some great time with Bob Plimpton and learned a lot.

Hector plays better than ever but I was not impressed with this Roland Atelier setup. He had some nice individual voices but the ensemble sounds were flat and stunted at the top volumes.

I’ve had more suggestions — such as Cyril Jenkins’s Festivity. Conventions are good for generating interest. Today we’ll hear Jane Parker-Smith play the Bingham Roulade I prepared just for the convention, and I expect to sell out. Also David Higgs recently played In A Persian Market from a piano score, so the Matthew transcription has been popular. In fact, I’ve heard that students are being allowed to play transcriptions on their college level recitals now. Wow!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Students are REQUIRED to play transcriptions in their recitals at the University of Oklahoma!

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