Gaston Bélier’s Famous Toccata

Diane Bish Responsible for Popularity of Toccata

Due to multiple requests for Bélier’s Toccata over the years, I am posting this note with links to get it by download. Just look under “Questions & Answers” above; it’s at or near the bottom.

And if one of the few who hasn’t heard Diane playing it, here is the video to watch. There are also other videos of it on the right side of the Youtube page should you wish to compare.

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2 Responses to Gaston Bélier’s Famous Toccata

  1. Reynhardt Crause says:

    Last night I played this piece at the 75th anniversary fund-raising concert for the church I work for. It certainly is exciting, brilliant and full of interesting and unexpected twists and turns, but I do love it a LOT….and our audience went crazy with delight! After listening to Diane Bish play it, I just HAD to get my hands on the score and learn it. It was quite easy to learn, much to my amazement, and within a few rehearsals I had it mastered. Two other French Romantic organ works I offered at the concert were “Benediction Nuptiale” by Saint-Saens, and “Marche Gothique” by Theodore-Cesar Salome. The benediction is quite soft, gentle and somewhat mystical, while the march is a very powerful and majestic piece that creates an atmosphere full of wonder and mystery. It trilled me to pieces to be able to share these pieces with the wonderful people at the church. Their delight was my pleasure.

  2. m walters says:

    Whether you played it properly is a different matter. This piece is not easy to “pull off”
    Most if us can sight read it. And, it is written with limitations in correct harmony,

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