Ford Auditorium Organ Removed Before Building Demolished

Team works to rescue Ford Auditorium’s vintage pipe organ

Well, at least it’s being done the right way. Well, sort of. This article in the Detroit Free Press covers the removal of the III/71 Aeolian-Skinner, Op 1324 (1957) from its home in Ford Auditorium. Well, not exactly the right way; they “are doing in one week what normally would take nearly two months” doesn’t sound optimal, but it’s better than “by tomorrow night.”

“Razing the building is part of Mayor Dave Bing’s plan to revitalize Detroit’s waterfront.” Oh yes, that’ll work. What could possibly go wrong? Those of you over a certain age are shouting internally, “Been there, done that.” Anyway, St Alyosius is getting a great deal on a fine American organ that, due to lots of circumstances, really never had a chance.

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