38th International Bamboo Organ Festival

The historical console

Remembering the Baroque Period

“The bamboo organ is played daily in the morning and afternoon, but every February, visitors get the chance to hear special performances during the International Bamboo Organ Festival. Spanish Baroque music is among the highlights of this year’s festival, which runs from February 21 to 27.” If you don’t know about the world-famous Bamboo Organ, you can see photos and read the specification and history at bambooorgan.org/museum.

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3 Responses to 38th International Bamboo Organ Festival

  1. Chaim says:

    Thank you for the interest in the Bamboo organ. I have been here in the Philippines for 9 years working with the local organ builder Diego Cera Organ Builders and our own company, Buenafe Organ Service.

    Currently, I am looking for pipework and chests etc to expand 1 Wicks organ here and possibly construct another one. Also I am in need of used electronic consoles such as Rodgers and Allens with AGO pedalboards to convert to updated electronics such as Artisan. We have been getting the Johannus kits, but I don’t like the pedal action and they are not AGO.

    I did not go to the Festival as the traffic is heavy around there, and it is a holiday weekend here. There is another pipe organ in the same facility which is a mechanical 21 stop organ and was a graduation project of the 2 fellows who attended and apprenticed at Klais organ in Germany and other local organ builders. One of them now runs the Diego Cera organ builders.

    Best regards to you,

  2. Thanks for the reply, I know what you mean about the pedalboards. If anyone here has what Chaim is looking for, contact him through his website at Buenafe Organ Services..

  3. Congratulations and MABUHAY!

    I found another nice post on the Bamboo Organ and the Festival on tempo.com:


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