Call For Papers: Simonton Theatre Organ Prize

Below is the description and application form for the 2013 Simonton Prize Competition. Papers may be submitted from now until December 31, 2013.

This document is also available in two other formats: .doc and .pdf.


Simonton Literary Prize Competition

Call for Papers, 2013

  1. Purpose
    1. The American Theatre Organ Society is a not-for-profit organization chartered in 1955 to encourage the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the American Theatre Organ, to support and sponsor the performance of music on these instruments, and to encourage the renovation, refurbishment, and public use of the organs through meetings, concerts, workshops, conventions, and publications for its members and all interested in preserving the traditions of the theatre organ and spreading awareness, understanding, and enjoyment of the instrument and its music.
    2. The Simonton Literary Prize was established in July 2000 by the Board of Directors of ATOS in honor of Richard C. Simonton, a founder of American Theatre Organ Enthusiasts, the organization now known as the American Theatre Organ Society. The purpose of the prize is to encourage, promote, and reward original research and writing about theatre pipe organ history, conservation, restoration, and related subjects. A monetary prize, certificate, and publication in the society journal, Theatre Organ, shall be awarded to the winning entry.
  1. Requirements and Rules
    1. The Simonton Literary Prize Committee seeks to present papers of particularly broad interest to our members and the greater musical community. While the topic is bound to our scope, the goal of the Competition and Prize is to attract interest in subjects concerning the theatre pipe organ from listeners, musicians, and scholars throughout the world. Topics concerning historic preservation of organs and their music are particularly welcome.
    2. The Competition is open to anyone except currently serving officers or staff of the American Theatre Organ Society or their families. ATOS membership is not required to enter.
    3. Papers should represent an original, comprehensive effort in research, documentation, or philosophy relevant to the theatre pipe organ.
  1. Entry
    1. Entry must be clearly marked as “Submitted for Simonton Literary Prize Competition.”
    2. A signed copy of these rules (see below for signature) must be received by the Chairman before an entry becomes eligible for consideration. Although the document for entry may be sent electronically, this form, properly signed, must follow by physical delivery.
    3. Entry must not have been previously published.
    4. Entry may be submitted for this competition only once.
    5. An author may submit only one entry per year.
  1. Entry Submission
    1. Entries may be submitted in any standard format, providing they can be viewed without difficulty. Acceptable methods include files in formats such as plain text, RTF, Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, and Adobe PDF.
    2. Entry must contain from 5,000 to 7,500 words, not including footnotes. Illustrations and other graphic images and photos from collections such as the ATOS Archives are encouraged because they help to communicate in today’s rich media.
    3. Entry must be submitted in English and will printed in Theatre Organ in English, but translation to other languages is permitted.
    4. Ownership and copyright of the author’s submission remains with the author and is also covered by the group copyright claimed by Theatre Organ.
    5. Entry submitted will not be returned, so retain the original.
    6. Entry must be received by the Chairman no later than December 31 of the competition year. Successful transmission of all documents is the responsibility of the author and will be acknowledged promptly by the Chairman.

John Apple, Chairman
Simonton Literary Prize Committee
4146 Sheridan Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

  1. Review and Prize
    1. One Prize shall be offered each year, comprised of a certificate and a $1,000 monetary award.
    2. Entries shall be reviewed by the Committee at convenient times during the year and again after the end of the year.
    3. Award of Prize is at the sole discretion of the Committee, which reserves the right of withholding the Prize in a given year. Decisions are final.
    4. The Chairman will notify the Prize Winner on or about April 15 of the year following submission.
    5. The Award Certificate will be presented at the ATOS Convention, and the winner is encouraged to attend to accept his award in person. The monetary prize shall be distributed upon selection.
    6. Awards may be distributed prior to publication in Theatre Organ.
    7. Papers submitted but not chosen may, in some cases, be included for publication in Theatre Organ or on the ATOS web site.
  1. Agreement to Rules

I agree to abide by the rules of the Simonton Literary Prize Competition. I grant initial and subsequent publication rights to the American Theatre Organ Society and Theatre Organ in any manner or form without further compensation. I agree to accept the judgment of the Committee regarding the Award. (If the author is a minor, have a parent or guardian sign.)

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