Excited About a Six Rank Organ

Chapel’s First Pipe Organ in 70 Years

Not many would be excited over a six rank unified organ, but if it’s the first pipe organ they’ve had in 70 years, well that’s different.

“…  a very sacred space and also a place for bereavement and funerals really deserves a good instrument.” “The biggest challenge … was finding something to fit the small space. Some organs … have as many as 10,000 pipes, far too many to fit inside the small chapel used for funerals, daily mass and choir rehearsals.”

Read this article to see how a dedicated person brought a small pipe organ to a space which very often has an electronic instrument from several decades past.

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  1. A Reader says:

    I received this kind reply by email:

    Just a short note to say I really appreciate your emails like this one about the St Francis 6-Rank Organ. The news is interesting and I do really enjoy reading the posts!
    —Wisconsin, USA

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