Remembering Tom Sheen (video)

Thomas G Sheen, Organist

We’re approaching the three month anniversary of Tom Sheen’s death, and that’s a good time to reflect on his life and music. You can read about his family on the Airsman-Hires Memorial Page, where you may leave your own thoughts.

Tom speaking and playing on Ruth Dresser’s Wurlitzer, March 4, 2000.

Tom Playing on Bill Brown’s Wurlitzer

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  1. Albert "Randy" Peckham says:

    Tom Sheen and I were born in 1939. I met Tom in Detroit in the 1960’s when played at the Iris Theatre on the big Wurlitzer from the Fischer Theater. From then on, we were good friends. He moved to the West Coast and we lost touch. In 1990, I moved to LA and through a mutual friend, Lowell Ayers, we got together again. We remained friends until he passed away. It was so tragic that only four of his friends attended his memorial service in Peoria, IL., Dennis Scott, Thom Day, Garry Westher and myself. He was a consummate musician and when he wasn’t drinking gin, he was a nice as the day is long! He is truly missed.

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