Bible Poems for Organ, Quiet Communion, and Beautiful Bells across the Meadows

June’s announcement brings the highly requested Bible Poems of Weinberger and two other forgotten gems from our past.


1. BIBLE POEMS, by Jaromir Weinberger (1896-1967). More than 25 organists committed to buy this suite of six pieces based on passages from The Bible, some indicating they would even buy copies as gifts. With such interest, how could I refuse? Through Alfred Music, the original edition from 1939 is now again in print. If you don’t know these, please follow this link to read about them and see sample pages.

2. COMMUNION, by Rene Becker (1882-1956). Becker’s Opus 80 from 1926 is as close to timeless Communion music as I have ever heard. You can nearly sight read it and it’s gorgeous. I recommend that you get it and you will play it often.

2. BELLS ACROSS THE MEADOWS, by Albert Ketèlbey (1875-1959), arranged by Gatty Sellars (1887-c1943). Sellars, the great concert artist, arranged Ketèlbey’s popular characteristic piece for an organ with bells. It’s one of the most relaxing melodies in English Light Music, perfect for this Summer, and like all of Ketèlbey’s music, it’s fun to play.


I have begun to offer PDFs of selected titles of my restored music. Early response has been less than expected based on the poll responses. If you want to see this format continued, please see these PDFs that I have finished:
PDFs from MMS

Thank you all for your purchases and support of this music.


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