Fred Hermes and His Five Manual Wurlitzer (video)

Caledonia Man’s Theater Organ to be on CBS’ ‘On the Road’

Important! This CBS program will probably be broadcast tonight (Friday), so set your recorders!

“For decades, Fred Hermes has been giving tours of his old-time theater and 1920s-era pipe organ to guests at his Caledonia home. On Friday, the ‘Basement Bijou,’ as it is known, will be on full display for a national television audience in an ‘On the Road’ segment during the CBS Evening News, scheduled for 5:30 p.m.”

In case you can’t see it, here are some videos I made at Fred’s house a few years ago.

The Artistry of Kay McAbee

Fred Hermes and the Railroad Stowaways

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  1. At least for a while, CBS News is showing the two minute segment on Fred’s Basement Bijou and Wurlitzer. (Be prepared for their flaky website but it eventually played for me.)

    CBS News “On the Road”

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