Detroit’s Redford Theatre and its Barton (video)

Uniquely Detroit on Redford Theatre

This is a fine video from Channel 4 in Detroit about the great Redford Theatre and the III/10 Barton organ inside. John Lauter explains things for the casual viewer. In these times of darkness for the City of Detroit, this is a real positive message. After you watch the video, you can visit the Motor City Theatre Organ Society for more details.

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  1. Sam L says:

    I’m one of the many volunteers who own, operate and care for the Redford Theatre. We were very busy during our recent renovations during the months of June and July, when we did a lot to make your visit to our historic and beautiful Redford Theatre a memorable one for you and your friends and family.

    If you come to see “The Music Man” on September 13-15, 2013, you not only will be able to see a wonderful film, but also have the opportunity meet a star of the movie, Shirley Jones. Not only that, you will also hear the Livonia Youth Symphony Orchestra play some of the music from the show. Where else can you get that much value for only $6.00?

    Even if you can’t come for that show, we have many other very good ones planned for the rest of the year, including, “The Three Stooges” (our regular Stooges Festival), the Hitchcock thriller, “The Shining,” “Mr. Robers,” and many others.

    We have spent much time, energy and resources in order to maintain and preserve this wonderful gem located in northwest Detroit for your enjoyment. Come on in and see what we have done this year to make your experience even better than it might have been before.

    you can get more information at:

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