Ryan Enright Plays the Chico State Centennial Organ

Pipe Organist Bringing ‘Flavor’ to the CSUC Theatre

Leila Rodriguez begins her article with “When most people hear a pipe organ, they associate it with church, suspenseful scenes in movies or the haunting canorous melody Davy Jones plucks away in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest — not really Chico State University.” We can agree here!

“After its five-year hiatus, The Centennial Organ Recital Series returns Friday with the ‘Flavors of Europe’ accompanied by organist Ryan Enright.”

“While it is mostly a classical program accenting compositions by Marcel Dupré and Johann Sebastian Bach, there will be one or two pieces with some jazz and global music influences.” Information on the organ is on the Chico State website. Obviously, I’d love to read about it if you go!

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2 Responses to Ryan Enright Plays the Chico State Centennial Organ

  1. This is one of the nation’s most beautiful organs! I had the pleasure of playing a concert there once. Bach is glorious, but Tournemire was pretty amazing too!

  2. Ryan Enright says:

    You’re so right, the organ is a local and national gem. It’s history and sound are both legend. Apparently, it does play Touremire (and Dupré…). I heard you played the socks of it from Dr. Rothe!

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