Let’s Hear It for Jesse Crawford!

“I have been searching for Jesse Crawford recordings and saw your “Rhapsody in Blue” offer. I have studied classical organ, composition and piano in Germany before moving to London where I was for nearly 20 years organist and musical director of a major theatre. As a concert organist I specialize in 19th century repertoire and found a number of items of interest by American composers I do not know.”

“I greatly appreciate your mp3 files and I am very glad to have now reached a supplier which is operated by people who seem to love what they are doing. I have never copied Jesse Crawford’s playing but learned much from studying his 78 rpm recordings. I look forward to playing the “Rhapsody in Blue” and to learn more about his playing through the books you offer (I have the PDF album already). I will contact you soon for more music.”

“Unfortunately, the situation here regarding printed organ music is not much different from the one prevailing in your country. I have to go to the British Library to obtain a copy of organ pieces which are not very old because they are no longer available via retailers. I found some very beautiful music by now obscure organists/composers on top of a dust bin!  Small suppliers like yourself provide a very important service for performers and lovers of organ music. I am glad I have come to you.”

—United Kingdom

[Thanks so much for this note! —Michael]

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