What’s Selling & What I Had to Have Reprinted

What’s Selling!

For those who enjoy a bit of trivia in what’s doing in organ music, after the end of 2013, I have had to reprint these pieces (FWIW!):

All Hollow’s Eve, Bedell
American Rhapsody, Yon
Aria from the Opera Ptolemy, Handel-Kraft
Bells across the Meadows, Ketèlbey-Sellars
Chanson de Matin, Elgar-Brewer
Christmas Chimes, d’Antalffy
Communion, Becker
Dance of the Bells, Rebikoff-Clough-Leighter
Dramatic Pedal Studies, Macdougall
In A Monastery Garden, Ketèlbey-Ware
In Fairyland, Stoughton
Joy to the World, Lemare
Noel Provencal, Bedell
Sonata I, Thayer
Tannhäuser’s Pilgrimage, Wagner-Brewer
Variations on an American Air, Flagler

Now, some of these I can understand and some are mysteries to me. About 1/3 of these were suggestions from other organists, perhaps just like you. I am currently working on two other great suggestions for the next couple of months, so your ideas are important to me!

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